Flourish Wellness + Birth Co


educate. equip. empower.

We value education and empowerment and strive to equip our clients with the tools and knowledge they need to be active participants in their healthcare

birth + pregnancy

Low intervention pregnancy care that focuses on natural physiological birth

adult wellness

Functional and preventative so you can optimize your health and flourish

child wellness

Functional and preventative so you can optimize your child’s health and flourish

health optimization

Personalized services that can be used to enhance individual health


In-person or online classes that provide education on wellness and prenatal care


Membership plans for up to nine family members!

birthing + pregnancy

Initial Consultation

A time to confirm pregnancy, get to know the team at Flourish, and discover what pre- and postnatal care will look like

Pregnancy Visit

Scheduled checkups throughout gestation. Available from 8 weeks to 41 weeks.

Postpartum Visit

Visits available at 2 week and 6 weeks.

Breastfeeding Support

Care focused on breastfeeding and lactation health.

adult wellness


Fertility care personalized for your reproductive journey.

Sexual Health

A visit aimed at getting to the root of problems related to sexual health and intimacy

Family Planning

Care focused on hormonal and non-hormonal contraceptive options.

Functional Wellness

A health assessment aimed at identifying the root cause of health related symptoms and disease prevention measures. Available for adults and children.

Problem Focused Visit

A health assessment aimed at identifying the root cause of health related symptoms and disease prevention measures. Available for adults and children.

Nutrition Consult

A visit aimed at addressing the nutrition impact on overall health.

Athletic Physical

School or sports related physical exam.

child wellness

Athletic Physical

A short physical examination that reviews your child’s medical history and confirms your child’s physical readiness to safely participate in sports.

Acute Child Problem Visit

Comprehensive visit for childhood illnesses or injuries such as: Sore throat, common colds, asthma exacerbations, lacerations requiring sutures or skin glue, foreign body removal, nursemaids elbow reduction, pink eye, urinary complaints, musculoskeletal complaints etc.

Child Home Visit

Home Visit will include: Well Child and Acute/Sick visit. Home Visit will be within a 10 mile radius of Flourish Wellness & Birth Co. Please provide a home address in the appointment notes section.

Chronic Child Problem Visit

An alternative approach to chronic problems such as: asthma, eczema, allergies, headaches, mental wellness, chronic abdominal pain, growth or developmental concerns.

Well Child Visit

An extensive look into a child's growth, developmental milestones, and nutrition with an emphasis on overall growth and well-being.

Weight Check

Ear Piercing

Ear piercing for 6 months and older. Medical grade, stainless steel earrings included!

health optimization

Biote Hormone Therapy

Custom compounded bioidentical hormone therapy to optimize and balance hormone values.


Customizable botox injection care.

IV Nutrition

Custom IV therapy/individual injections that can treat hydration, recovery, wellness, performance, and/or illness needs.



Deep relaxation, self-hypnosis, and birth positions that aid in natural physiologic delivery.

Get To Know Your Body

Address the why and how behind physiologic changes that occur at various ages and stages of life.

Biote Overview

An overview of bio-identical hormone therapy as well as information about symptoms of hormone imbalance

Mindful Birthing

Training for mind+body+heart connection to enhance your innate wisdom for childbirth and beyond

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child and family memberships


First three years (0-36 months)


3-18 years

$75/Month, each additional child +$50/Month

Young Adult (18-26 years)


Family of 5 or less


Family of 6-8


Family of 9+


What's Included?

First Three Years (0-36 months)

Well visits, 1 as needed visit per month

3-18 Years

Yearly well visits, 1 as needed visit per month

Young Adult (18-26 years)

Yearly well visit, 1 sick visit per month, 10% discount on labs and supplements

Family Memberships

Each member receives 1 yearly well visit, 1 clinic visits per month, each member receives 10% discount on IV therapy and supplements, at cost labs, 1 hormone health visit per parent/guardian per year

our clients

“They are both amazing mid-wives!! They are super caring about your needs!”

Tiffany N.

“I have had the honor of witnessing the dedication, compassion, and expertise of these midwives and i’m beyond grateful for their care to our community.”

Lisa G.

“They are so caring and compassionate! We are SO excited to deliver our baby with them!”

Olivia L.