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Sarah Roe

First and foremost, I am a wife and mother to 3 beautiful children, Leah (14), Caden (12), and Ryker (9). We live on an acreage North of Humboldt with our 2 dogs, Tikka and Nova. I absolutely love anything outdoors, listening to audiobooks and podcasts, playing in our local coed volleyball league, and running to all of my kids’ various activities.

I am an enneagram 9 (peacemaker). I love a tranquil environment and helping others find their peace and security as well. Midwifery feels like a calling for me and helping mamas recognize their own power and potential brings me so much energy and JOY!

I graduated from Lennox High School in 2001 and attended Northwestern College in Orange City, IA for a hot second until transferring to South Dakota State University to be with the love of my life. I graduated in 2004 with a major in Journalism. I loved the creativity and freedom the profession had to offer, however, it didn’t take me long to realize it was not my calling. It did not bring me joy and purpose the same way caring for other people did. I returned to SDSU and completed their accelerated nursing program and graduated with my BSN in 2007. I practiced as a RN at Sanford Hospital for 8 years and was a maternal flight nurse for 6 of those years. I graduated from Frontier Nursing University with my Certified Nurse Midwife degree in 2015 and transitioned into a provider role at Sanford where I have worked for the past 6.5 years in a full-scope CNM practice.