Flourish Wellness + Birth Co


Flourish Wellness + Birth Co is creating a safe space for individuals and their families to be seen, known, and heard.


We are the first midwife-owned, free standing birth center in the state of South Dakota.

Our wellness clinic provides low intervention pregnancy and birth care as well as functional wellness and health optimization for all individuals across their lifespan.

We know that if we can empower women, families will flourish.

educate. equip. empower

We value education and empowerment and strive to equip our clients with the tools and knowledge they need to be active participants in their healthcare

birth + pregnancy

Low intervention pregnancy care that focuses on natural physiological birth


Functional and preventative approach to care so you can optimize your health and flourish


In-person or online classes that provide education on wellness and prenatal care

health optimization

Personalized services that can be used to enhance individual health

exclusive provider


Biote Hormone Optimization Products

When hormone levels are optimized, the entire body can function at its full potential.

an option for everyone

Flourish promotes a proactive approach to health. Our team strives to identify the root cause of health issues rather than simply treat symptoms.

convenient + flexible

quality of care

coming soon

Membership plans for up to nine family members!

the team

We built our well rounded team intentionally, ensuring a variety of experience in the wellness and healthcare space.

Flourish values the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of each individual that we have the privilege of working with, making personalized care accessible and always a top priority.


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our clients

“Working with Erin, Sarah and their team was the best decision we could have ever made. Honestly, these two women felt like mothers to me throughout this entire process. I felt at peace having them there along with Beth, their amazing NICU nurse which made the experience so stress free and gave me a great sense of peace knowing I was in such good hands. Thank you Erin, Sarah and team. Our whole family will forever be cherishing and remembering this experience forever and we truly cannot thank you all enough.”

Heather M.

“These ladies walked me through my back to back pregnancies after 5 years of infertility. They listened to what I wanted and never hesitated telling them my desires for a great pregnancy because I knew they would be very receptive! I can’t wait to get pregnant again knowing how great my experience will be for a third time with these ladies! It truly makes all the difference when you finally find someone who listens and wants what you want for your babies.”

Kelsey C.

“When you hire Flourish, you’re getting holistic, comprehensive information and utmost care; you’re getting someone who sees you. This team comes equipped with a wealth of knowledge and experience and they are continually sharing that knowledge with their clients. Flourish meets you where you’re at—discussing options that are optimal for you in whatever season of life you find yourself in. I’m so appreciative of the overwhelming depth of care and friendship they give to each of their clients during a time that is so vulnerable and special. With Flourish, I feel at home.”

Kayla W.

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